building a basis whilst exploring the ocean ...


This is the beginning.

Everything is linked and this is the root. View the graph to see a high level view of the organisation.

Each link might be of type 'page' or 'category'. The 'page' holds data and the 'category' collates links to 'page' or other 'category'. Everything in this database can be accessed through one of the following routes

  • knowledge holds all the data I have collected from the internet or books

  • researchresearch

    [[Hypercake Number]]
    my original ideas

  • projects projects I have worked on

  • experiencesexperiences


    experiences and review about places, books, movies etc

  • creativecreative

    my shenanigans during leisure

  • aboutabout


    [[dev setup]]



    Past week stats

    About this blog

    I am always struggling to retain my learnings. So this blog was started to document my notes and some useful stuff I come across. I also curate some of my ideas, reviews, and creations here as well. The posts are sorted into one of the following categories:

    sciency stuff



    art lit

    a little about me

If you need to access the content in the chronological order, check out the blog (Note that not all pages can be accessed through the blog route).