building a basis whilst exploring the ocean ...


Hi there! I am Shantanu Mishra a.k.a. 8hantanu on the web.

I am a software engineer based in Hyderabad, India. I have a degree in Mathematics and Electronics Communications Engineering. As a side hustle, I have been trying to make new things at yree.


My background and core competence are in systems software engineering working with C, C++, and Python. I am currently learning Rust and Julia.

Emerging technologies and research in quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and UAVs fascinate me. These days quantum computing and GANs have caught my curiosity. I am open to any new ideas and requests for collaboration in any of the mentioned fields.

I have a passion for graphic design and create logos, illustrations, and UIs. I fancy developing apps and have been lately trying out Flutter. Also, I love spending time on perfecting little details.

Far from desk

Even though most of my professional and spare time is spent in front of a screen, I have a bunch of other hobbies as well.

I am a keen reader and always in need of good book recommendations. Genres like horror, psychology, and sci-fi are my favorites.

I sketch whenever I find a good scape or subject. My scribbles can be found here. I often find myself dusting off music instruments whenever I pick them to play. I surge cycle between playing the ukulele, piano, and violin (mediocre at best).

I love running. Running is one thing I definitely cannot get rid of from my daily driving. A clear path through a woods during dawn or dusk is an ideal path for me. Tennis and badminton are my goto outdoor sports.